Gum Balls

Gum Balls come up with a soft inside and a hard shell. They remain their form and therefore fit with all types of dispenser.
Because of a special coating, no bleeding of colour into ice cream.

Mixed colour packs or only one colour depends of your need in natural or artificial colours and flavours from A – Z.

Delivery Unit: 10,0 kg box (4 x 2,5 kg) Customised packaging possible.

Gum Sticks

Gum sticks with a fruity Tutti-Frutti taste, hygienic covered with PVC plastic foil and a tap to open it. Length of stick 85 mm and diameter 9.2 mm.

Sticks has been tested for a long period and we can give you a hand by finding the correct way of processing.

VPE: 10 kg Box, 4 x 2,5 kg