Tasty Crunch Explosion!

Input as topping or filling in ice cream or other tasty products. Wafer crunch –
a highly enjoyable taste!



Hard Skin – Chocolate Core

Colourfull chocolate dragees with special sugar coating.
As for decoration in ice cream, cakes and dessert these tiny dragees
will give your products a final round up.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Classical product for ice cream

All children love chewing gum. Minisplits, gum sticks and gum balls are well known products. We offer a wide range of chewing gum products.

Hoods & Lids

Plastic dome lids and hoods

We will cover everything

Transparency or colourful, huge or small, made from A-PET, PS or PVC. We deliver standard or customized sizes for your product also with your logo.

Raw Mat./Ingredients

Raw Materials and Additives

To round up your products


Vanilla, ascorbic acid, citric acid, big range vitamins and a lot more.
Of course in high quality and ISO certificates.



Made to measure for your products

Hoods and lids, squeeze up, sleeves, plastic packaging.
To protect your product we will deliver the optimum packaging
neutral or with printing.